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I can not end my roller coaster relationship !

I have published before about an emotionally harmful relationship that i have been set for more than a 12 months now. He will need to have ended our relationship about 30 times (I haven’t counted lol) , each and every time being cool and hurtful in my opinion, simply to come crawling right back a couple weeks later on. I becamen’t strong I really allow him back worm his way. I became stupid – I’m sure .Anyway, within the last couple of month or two, We have got an innovative new regular work that we am succeeding in and I also love, and I also have actually relocated home which will be great I feel so much happier and stronger and I’m now at a place where I don’t want a relationship for me and my two girls. I do not want it. I simply desire to enjoy time with my young ones my buddies and my company that is own.However man knows of this and will not keep me personally alone. I experienced ended our relationship, but he called and texted constantly. He came to my house – banging on free 420 dating the door.I thought it fair to speak to him in person and somehow I gave in when i didn’t respond. He got all psychological, promised to function as the guy we’d hoped he might be. I backed down and today we have been ‘back on’. He has got made plans and promises for the near future, told his son that he’s got a unique girlfriend etc and continues on exactly how sorry he’s for dealing with me personally defectively and just how pleased he’s given that we could move on together.I feel trapped. I do not wish a relationship during the minute, but most of the effort he makes now, means it really is harder for me personally to finish it.

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