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During supper an assassin probe droid rush to the available space and started initially to strike the guards. Master Kenobi quickly disabled the droid however it circulated smaller assassin droids.

Kryze then pulled away a droid that is small and started initially to blast during the small droids. They destroyed all excepting one regarding the droids which Kenobi hatched an idea to reveal whom activated the assassin probes. He place the little droid under a lid and started initially to walk all over dining dining dining table. The droid started initially to leap in the Duchess additionally the senators within the space but stood nevertheless because of its master Senator Tal Merrik. Merrik then received a blaster and organized Kryze being a hostage. [10]

Merrik preceded as much as the connection regarding the Coronet and killed most of the team at their channels. Kenobi then radioed Jedi Skywalker who had been preoccupied having a droid that is third. The Coronet then dropped away from hyperspace and Merrik called three Droch-class boarding vessels laden up with B2 battle that is super. Skywalker while the clones attacked and destroyed the droids. Meanwhile, the Jedi Master confronted Merrik from the connection that has wired the machines to explode. Kryze begun to beg Kenobi to not risk anymore everyday lives on her behalf behalf. Merrik started to back along the corridors associated with the ship with Kenobi waiting around for an opening. Duchess Kryze then professed her love for Kenobi, which he indicated too. [10]

Merrik allow their guard down at the statements of love which Kryze familiar with her benefit and slammed her heel into their base. While Merrik was at discomfort, she grabbed their blaster and pointed it at him along with her trembling hand in the trigger.

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