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Without a doubt more info on Confession

Two Miis confessing their want to A mii that is female in lifestyle.

Confession is a love-related issue in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. In case a Mii develops feelings for the next Mii regarding the reverse gender, they are able to confess their love. If all goes well, they are going to be sweethearts (someone special in Europe).

Determining to Confess

Artwork of the Mii planning to confess in Tomodachi Collection.

A Mii considering confessing in Tomodachi lifetime.

The Mii will act like they have been stressed, with either grey clouds saying moyamoya (гѓўгѓ¤гѓўгѓ¤) (JP) or hearts with a concern mark inside of them (US/EU) drifting around their head. Upon touching their idea bubble, the Mii will state they truly are in deep love with another Mii and wish to confess their emotions.

In the event that player tells the Mii to not ever confess, the Mii can look surprised and get why they need ton’t. Any choice the ball player chooses results in instant sadness. Once cheered up, there is certainly the possibility that the Mii will confess once more later on, regardless if these were told that their target is “already taken”.

Nevertheless, in the event that player agrees, the Mii will ask for many advice. First, they will ask the way they should confess. The ball player may inform the Mii to:

Finally, the Mii will ask when they should alter clothing. When preparations are off the beaten track, the Mii will wait at the chosen location, being a slow heartbeat plays in the back ground.

The Mii’s crush might appear, while the Mii will perform the selected action. Following the Mii confesses to another Mii, one other Mii may either nod, say “Sure!”, and be sweethearts, or reject the confessor by saying “I’m sorry. ” within an echoing vocals.

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