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ZAPoly Discussion Topic : Relationship Agreements. This is how rules may be found in

Tacit’s ideas on relationship agreements

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The thing that is most important in any relationship arrangement, rule-based or not, is not the specific agreements themselves, but the reason behind those agreements in my experience.

There are plenty of approaches to come up with a relationship that is polyamorous numerous methods to rules and agreements. But, in my opinion, the relationships that succeed have particular things in typical, and another of this biggest things they’ve in keeping is the recognition that guidelines and agreements can maybe maybe not stop envy or insecurity and that can perhaps perhaps perhaps not make bad feelings disappear completely.

I do believe that numerous individuals, particularly people not used to polyamory, frequently make relationship agreements when it comes to incorrect reasons, and are usually then taken by shock once the relationships do not work. To be able to be successful, any guideline or contract should have two fundamental things: very very first, it should deliver the results it really is designed to achieve, and second, it should have path that is clear success.

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