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How One Con Guy Used OkCupid For Fun, Fraud, And Revenue

He is a world-class surfer, a AAA baseball legend, the creator of a punk band that is seminal. He is one of the most persistent and obsessive grifters to ply the roads of New York City—not to mention internet dating sites—in recent decades.

In which he’d as if you to buy their scheme to bring back trust and credibility into the internet.

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Daniel Kaufman is 37 years of age. He could be from Wayland, Mass., a suburb of Boston. He filed for bankruptcy in Vermont in 1995, as he had been 21. He presently resides in the Manhattan Detention advanced in downtown Manhattan, waiting for arraignment on grand larceny fees. That more or less sums up the information that is definitively true could gather on him, however the lies abound.

Kaufman ended up being arrested by NYPD detectives late final thirty days in Montauk, N.Y. He is accused of defrauding a brand new York advertising that is mobile called CloudMob Media, that he’d conned into employing him as its chief technology officer, away from $20,000.

He presumably utilized the funds to hire a coastline household in Montauk, where he invested a lot of last summer time and fall regaling a complicated social group of New Yorkers—including the editor for this very website—with a never-ending cascade of extravagant lies. He relentlessly trawled the free dating website OkCupid, duping untold variety of females (we talked to 3; their experiences recommend dozens more) into dating him. In which he made it happen all while busily attempting to introduce a fresh social networking that would bring credibility and trust right straight back the online world.

“this person is some fucking piece of content,” states some body we’ll phone Andrew (most of the individuals we talked to with this tale declined to be identified for concern with being publicly revealed as Kaufman’s dupes). “He said he’d been tapped because of the board of AOL to resurrect Netscape being a brand—he that is mobile focusing on it with Steve Case.

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