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You Don’t Need Twitter to make use of Bumble Anymore

You know what? You’re free! Without any requiring a Facebook account to get into Bumble, this is certainly. Why? Since you collectively raised your sounds and asked for a method to keep building empowered relationships without needing to share your computer data with Facebook. It’s completely thanks to you personally — and our dedicated designers — that individuals now have actually an alternative solution (and simple) solution to join Bumble.

Here’s just how to take action: If you’re a new user, you’ll be able to join up and login together with your contact number. That’s literally it! We’ve even gone a step further than many other apps, lots of which allow contact number enrollment but nonetheless share data. Bumble’s customized enrollment bypasses Facebook and just about every other party that is third.

Your privacy will continue to be a priority that is top and our moderation group continues to protect the Bumble experience.

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