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Approach with care: simple tips to survive an exit meeting

For a few good reason i have constantly found the expression “exit meeting” somewhat menacing: “he’s at risk of the exit”, “exit stage left”. A bit sinister. My paranoid tendencies aside, exit interviews, like most relationship break-up, should certainly be managed with care.

Don’t assume all organization conducts exit interviews, but employers that are good individuals with an aspiration become good, often do. Why organizations conduct exit interviews vary. You would hope that more often than not the motive is always to study on your departure. Are there any policies, procedures or behaviours in the company which should be changed or classes become discovered? Businesses might also realize that corporately or individually their behavior happens to be very poor and are trying to appear professional and bolster their place in anticipation of this tribunal situation they suspect might come their method. Not very good.

The most typical responses from workers to exit interviews are generally polar opposites: it really is either regarded as a waste of the time or a perfect chance to inform their bosses precisely what they think of these. But don’t have any fear. Listed below are my great tips on surviving an exit meeting.

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