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TanTan Chinese Tinder s & Chinese Dating Show – Does internet dating Work?

I obtained another message, “why don’t you send out me personally the packet that is red of 60”. I stated, “I don’t understand how to pay by WeChat. Could be i could offer you money once we meet?” She replied, “I don’t have money that is enough spend the taxi fare”.

Fundamentally, we did meet that is n’t.

Quickly she was realized by me game. Therefore I messaged her – “how many individuals you have got tricked before?”. And that is it, we never heard from her. i needed to inform her that I’d report to your authorities, nevertheless, we soon discovered that I became blocked by her. The message on WeChat ended up being, “The message is effectively delivered but refused because of the receiver”.

The storyline found an end that is abrupt. We been able to capture a couple of screenshots to create a post that is informative.

Although no cash ended up being squandered, used to do waste a while and a little bit of power coping with this fake TanTan account.

How exactly to paly safe on TanTan?

Here are some recommendations to bear in mind on TanTan to prevent a situation that is unsafe

  • If a phone is seen by you number, WeChat ID, QR rule, etc. directly mentioned in a profile;
  • If no profile description at all;
  • If perhaps one photo with no profile description;
  • If no peoples picture;
  • Suggestive/seductive images.
  • Each one of these traits point out a fake/unsafe profile.

    Furthermore, at any point of the time if you feel like working with a fake profile on TanTan, it is possible to recommend a video clip call on WeChat. Some account that is fake insist sound call, which may be okay to start with. But ensure you communicate on movie. Fake pages frequently would agree to a n’t video clip call.

    Honestly, at the least 50% TanTan accounts look fake if you ask me. That we work out a robust TanTan game so it makes sense.

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