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Let me make it clear more info on 6 Dirty Text Message Tips

1) simply because we’ve been speaing frankly about dirty text messages it does not imply that you can’t deliver your man these kind of communications as a contact or personal facebook chat or IM.

2) you might be desperate to begin giving your guy a myriad of dirty texts, but my advice would be to very first test the waters with a few tame messages to see if he’s into it. If it is clear that he’s, then you can certainly check out deliver raunchier messages. Then you risk him getting freaked out by it if you start off by sending him a message that’s really out there.

3) keep in mind that switching it up keeps things interesting. Also you don’t need to always send dirty text messages if you’re already in a sexual relationship with the guy. In fact, it may get a little bland. So mix it with communications which can be flirtier or even more romantic to help keep their interest.

Likewise, you don’t too want to be predictable. Often you could content him on your own or when you are getting home from work.

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