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Within my resistance cd4 mobile count dropped to and I also had been placed on very very first line anti-retroviral treatment stavudine, lamivudine and Efavirenz however in they backfired on me personally and I also developed serious negative effects as my liver had been seriously damaged and my arms and eyes switched yellowish. I became advised by my medical practitioner to get rid of them for a time for my liver to recoup before he prescribed the second course. It took me personally 9 months for my liver to recuperate and I also however was started on 2nd line treatment. I utilized this brand brand brand new combination for just two years as much as January September whenever once again they back fired and I also had been identified as having renal complications.

I additionally developed severe chronic skin disorder; it was my worst nightmare ever. It absolutely was like being in hell. The itching and discomfort had been therefore severe that we prayed for death day-to-day as opposed to endure that discomfort. Physician did some recent tests Mantoux for epidermis TB but it arrived on the scene negative. He prescribed fluconazole for fungal disease for just one thirty days but this would not assist either. The situation ended up being later identified as sarcoma cancer of the skin. Hello into the average man or woman, it really is with appreciation to Jesus and admiration to Dr Okaka a fantastic herbalist that we compose you this testimony as to how my wellness ended up being restored.

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