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Lesbian Kama Sutra: 100 intercourse roles for ladies pt.4

Position 73. Diamond rocker

Rock your self to heaven through getting your lover to be live nude lesbians on all fours. Then you can straddle her and rub your clitoris against her end bone tissue until you climax. The thing that is best relating to this place? You have got all the ability!

Position 74. Cat’s eyes

Eye contact is hot. Reality. Therefore next time you along with your partner desire to make things much more sexy simply keep her gaze while you caress her human human human body. We vow it’ll enhance the temperature.

Position 75. Superimposed

Get the partner to lie together with you together with her returning to both you and stimulate both of you by having a vibrator. This really is all types of hot.

Position 76. Delighted times

Whom cares if it is rude whenever it seems this good? One partner kneels up together with her legs aside so her partner can lie among them and perform sex that is oral stimulate her bum too for additional pleasure.

Position 77. The Labrys

It can be done by you, place your back to it… or instead your bum.

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