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Understanding Base. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi and networking in the BlackBerry PlayBook



To troubleshoot a Wi-Fi link on a BlackBerryВ® PlayBook tablet, kindly decide to try the next activities:

BlackBerry PlayBook Settings Problems:

  • From the standing club, tap the Wi-Fi signal and validate that the switch is scheduled to On.
  • Verify that the time in the BlackBerry PlayBook is synchronized utilizing the system time. In the event that right times will vary, it may stop the BlackBerry PlayBook from linking (for instance, if connecting towards the community takes a certification be put in regarding the BlackBerry PlayBook additionally the certification posseses a termination time).
  • Verify that your options when it comes to Wi-Fi system are proper. To discover just what choices to make use of, for a house system, relate to the data that included the house wireless router; for the enterprise Wi-Fi network, contact the enterprise system administrator; for a community hotspot, make reference to any information given to the hotspot or contact a member of staff during the hotspot whom may have information about how exactly to link.

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