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We’re throwing things down having a mantel/shelf/ledge website link party right here on our blog today, and Kate, Rhoda, and Sarah are hosting some more Spring-themed parties on the blogs

Spring Designing Link Party

Hello- and welcome to our“Spring that is first fling link party!

I always anticipate Spring cleaning/decorating. It’s my favorite period, and I can’t tell you just how much We enjoy throwing open the windows, tossing away a bunch of stuff ( maybe not out the windows- hee hee), and livening up the place with a tad bit more green ! I sprinkled it into our family area in the form of publications, butterflies, a classic metal picnic basket last week, and I’m loving it! We also utilized a couple of (extremely realistic-l king, if i actually do say so myself) faux plants from Ikea…

I am hoping they live ’til Summer!

We made the lumber art away from some 1×2’s plus some “fill-it” strips through the fencing department at Home Depot, and I also stained it with a combination of leftover “Special Walnut” and “Provincial” stain we had from other tasks. Once the stain was dry, we used our electric hand sander to provide it an age that is little.

Next, I punched a mess that is whole of out of some old magazines I’d, and I also love the sw sh of Spring they add to the the area!

( The one within the upper left hand corner reminds me of my bike-ridin’ Mom. Hi Mother!)

The butterfly was got by me punch at Hobby Lobby ($14.99), and every paper butterfly measures about 2 ins across. To give the flock(?) a bit more interest, we produced couple of larger butterflies by enlarging one of the 2″ ones with my printer, and deploying it as a template to create some 3″ ones.

(enhance ends up a group of butterflies is called a rabble, a swarm, a lek, a flutter, or even a kaleidoscope. How fun is that?!)

We utilized “Simply Tacky” mounting putty (from Hobby Lobby) to put up most of the butterflies in position

And I also got most of the old crocks from my Grandma the time that is last visited my family in Minnesota.

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