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Dating guy that is korean the clash of prejudices. What’s like dating a korean man?

Using one hand, there clearly was the label of Asian guy as just a little guy that is emasculated no girl inside her right head may find appealing. Having said that, droves of screaming Hallyu fans result in the prejudice that it must be because of the twisted perception of a perfect Korean guy painted in dramas if you are dating a Korean guy.

Therefore, i’ve an option between as an asexual girl whom just cares about guy’s personality or a crazed fan that doesn’t care about guy’s personality at all, provided that he could be Korean? I wish to put those two sets of individuals when you look at the room that is same they could have talk.

Allow me to pause right here and state that there surely is absolutely nothing incorrect with dropping for some guy as a result of fantasy you’ve got, whether it arises from Korean drama, K-pop or some other place. Can it be by any means less shallow to express you want high dudes, or blue-eyed dudes, rather than say you would like Korean dudes? Enter an area saturated in individuals and you’ll immediately be interested in some while others won’t also register on your own radar. That is therefore self-aware to understand precisely why they have been interested in somebody?

Nonetheless, i’m happy that within my instance We have never ever also been aware of K-pop or Korean drama before we came across Kimchi guy, simply therefore I can rub it when confronted with anybody who dares confront me with those prejudices.

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