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Leo Guy and Taurus Lady Compatibility: Love, Intercourse, and Chemistry

A Leo guy and Taurus girl combination tend to be more extremely appropriate than one may expect by their zodiac indications.

When it comes to many part, this couple are a great match. They’ve been completely different, but those differences complement each other well.

They will certainly form a couple that is rather traditional and they’re going to be dedicated and dedicated to one another also to their loved ones.

These indications have been in a link with one another referred to as a square, which in determining zodiac compatibility, is a relationship of conflict and stress.

There is certainly another connection between those two indications, nevertheless. This will be a relationship referred to as antiscia.

Antiscia are mirror images to one another over the Cancer/Capricorn axis, that are the Solstice points.

Which means the quantity of daylight is precisely exactly the same once the Sun is with in Leo as it’s if the Sun is in Taurus.

Indications which are antiscia to one another are reported to be of equal energy in addition they can “see” one another.

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