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Kansas Lawmakers Troubled By Brownback Budget Math. For just one, they found irony in Brownback counting on a two-year $1.2 billion taxation hike passed last 12 months.

Fellow Republicans on Wednesday characterized Gov. Sam Brownback’s investing plan — more than $6.6 billion a year — as being a beeline come back to deficits plus an abdication of duty in a budding crisis.

The governor, poised to go out of for an area within the Trump management, revealed a five-year, $600 million rise in college money Tuesday night. Whenever lawmakers dug into that proposition Wednesday, they griped about key details.

For starters, they discovered irony in Brownback counting on a two-year $1.2 billion income tax hike passed away last 12 months. Most likely, the governor vetoed it and forced their party that is own’s to muster an override.

For the next, even that money is not sufficient. It’ll just edge up toward Brownback’s college capital objective in the 1st 2 yrs. Because of the summer time of 2019, hawaii would stare straight down another deficit. The governor’s plan does not explain where Kansas would find a lot more dollars that are school years three, four and five.

“This is certainly not balanced,” said Republican Rep. Troy Waymaster, mind of the home spending plan committee. “We’re likely to need certainly to discover a way to balance the budget.”

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