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Out In The Couch. Managing Jealousy in A polyamorous relationship

Stephanie M. Sullivan, MS, LLMFT

When individuals are first introduced to your concept of polyamory, among the first concerns they ask can be about envy. Just how do individuals in polyamorous relationships manage envy? Will they be ever jealous? When you look at the great majority of polyamorous relationships, jealousy does appear at some time. Nonetheless, envy could be broken down seriously to determine exactly what your concerns that are real. You, it is possible to manage this challenging feeling when you recognize what is bothering. You may also achieve point of compersion, where you are feeling joy whenever your partner is by using another partner. You may feel this as you are content that the metamour is making your spouse delighted. This short article will offer some recommendations if you should be wanting to navigate envy within a relationship that is polyamorous.

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