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YuBo Lunch Box After Shark Tank – Update

YuBo Lunch Box on Shark Tank

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Paul and Cyndi Pedrazzi are trying to find $150,000 in return for 15% of these lunchbox business, YuBo. It all began four years back since the proud moms and dads of two stunning girls, they might deliver them to college with a typical textile lunchbox, filled up with synthetic baggies and personallized by having a permanent marker regarding the part. These were going right through almost 2,000 synthetic bags per 12 months, also these lunchboxes would get back entirely nasty. They weren’t dishwasher safe, and had been never ever correctly cleaned. Paul and Cyndi looked every where for a lunchbox that has been good and clean for the environment, but couldn’t find one, so they really developed YuBo.

YuBo is the lunchbox that is only young ones can cause their very own designs and alter them away whenever their tastes modification, so an entire brand new lunchbox is not required. If yogurt or crumbs are spilled to the field, simply wash it down or place it into the dishwasher; YuBo additionally is sold with containers and a customized ice pack, therefore meals remains fresh for extended. Paul and Cyndi then enhance custom YuBos for every single Shark, showing that the faceplates can effortlessly be taken down with only pulling for a part. There’s no zippers or hinges area of the design, too.

Robert asks in regards to the included containers; will they be add-ons, or within the fundamental purchase? Cyndi describes that YuBo has two models, the lunchbox that is basic comes empty at a diminished pricepoint of $21.95 plus the luxurious model which is sold with three containers and retails for $30 without any personalization, or as much as $40 with personalization included.

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