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In this video game, it is a very important factor to be a talented killer; it is one more thing to be always a killer that is stylish.

You’re awarded for obtaining the most stylish kills, so get training doing backflips off walls and having headshots mid-air, because that’s a ability you’ll need certainly to achieve the very best. There aren’t numerous games that provide you bonus points for leaping down a skyscraper and plunging to your doom simply so you could secure yet another shot for an opponent whom similarly dropped down. We can’t suggest this video game sufficient, particularly when it is free.

5. Estranged: Act I

Supply: Mark Knapp

Estranged is quite a half-Life that is little mod (meaning you need a supply game set up to be able to play it) that puts you on an eerie area after your character crashes their fishing ship here.

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