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Test size calculation

A previous research discovered the end result size (Cohen’s d) of distinction in unprotected sexual activity between teenagers that has sexted (delivered or gotten intimately explicit pictures on cellphones) and the ones whom did not was 0.35 [ 18 ]. By using this as being a guide point, it absolutely was determined that a minimal test size of 67 topics had been had a need to detect an improvement by separate t-test with an electrical of 95% and a two-tailed need for 0.05.

The analysis instrument is shown in S1 Instrument .

All analytical analyses were carried out by the SPSS 23 with p values Ethics

All writers declare they will have no conflict of great interest.

Ethics approval was obtained through the HKU/HA HKW review that is institutional, the Joint CUHK-NTEC Clinical Research Ethics Committee and City University of Hong Kong Human Subjects Ethics Sub-Committee.

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