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Throwing the hornet’s nest. Before we downloaded ‘Hornet’, the increasingly popular homosexual social network phone application, we read some online reviews of it.

I read some online reviews of it before I downloaded ‘Hornet’, the increasingly popular gay social networking phone application.

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One frustrated individual wrote: ‘So worthless! … Im [sic.] maybe maybe not wanting to be mean however it’s like [the Hornet designers] are resting within their offices … So buggy, the appearance is out-dated as, also it crashes!!’

Within these reviews, individuals overwhelmingly criticised Hornet for the bugginess, its inconsistencies whenever scrolling through pages, and its‘blocking’ that is poor system. Numerous from the iTunes store centered on its gaudy orange tints, its penchant for crashing at inconvenient moments, and exactly how the application blocked the profiles that are wrong blunder.

But I became keen on considering Hornet’s social and representational definitions and exactly how it differed from Grindr, the reigning queen of homosexual phone networking that is social.

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